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A Love Oracle Deck What I Didn't Say

A Love Oracle Deck What I Didn't Say

size of a standard tarot deck, providing you with a wealth of guidance and insight into your love life. Each card in the deck is designed to help you uncover hidden truths, reveal your deepest desires, and guide you towards a more fulfilling relationship with your partner. Whether you're seeking clarity on a specific issue or simply looking for guidance on your romantic journey, the A Love Oracle Deck What I Didn't Say is the perfect tool for exploring the mysteries of the heart. With its beautiful artwork, powerful messages, and intuitive design, this deck is sure to become a beloved companion on your journey towards love and happiness.
december 27th 2023
  • Size and Details

    Love Oracle Deck 

    2.75"×4.75" (70×120mm) (110 cards)

    Card stock: (S30) Standard Smooth

    Card finishing: Game card finish

    Packaging: Tin Box

  • Shipping

    Product will be packaged and shipped to the given address within 5-7 business days. 

    No returns or refunds are granted for shop products. 

  • box

    The deck comes in a tin box with my logo printed on the face. this box is so sturdy and a collectable on its own.

  • mystery message and crystal

    Each order comes with an angel message and crystal pulled at random, for whom its going to.

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