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5 min pre-recorded reading

5 min pre-recorded reading


Introducing our pre-recorded reading service, perfect for those on-the-go! This pre recorded reading is a minimum of five minutes since I tend to run over, we'll provide a thorough check-in on your situation using the trusted zoom app. Your session will be emailed to the address provided at purchase for your convenience. To ensure accuracy, we only require the authentic first names and last names of all parties involved - no nicknames, please! If you are a woman who has been married, please don't forget to include your marriage name, even if you've since changed it back or never took it, for the most acurate reading possible.

With your purchase you will be submitted to a recorded reading list. I ask for your patience in filling the order a curtosy of 0-3 business days is the current wait time on readings.


I appreciate your patience!

I look forward to assisting the best I can!

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