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(15 minute) Energetic Healing

(15 minute) Energetic Healing Clearing Session

Service Description

In this session you will need to get comfortable. The session will be a relaxed guided meditation, helping you release all negativity and move forward in live. I do one chakra center per session, if you have one you'd really like to work on then please do let me know ahead of time. This is not a psychic reading, but a reiki healing session to remove negativity from your energetic field. You will receive a copy of this cleanse to use as many times as you'd like. Connect with the divine. All I need is a valid first and last name (married if applicable). By purchasing this session you are giving me consent to look into your Akashic records for the benefit of your healing session.

Cancellation Policy

We offer a 10 minute grace period. If you are late to your session further, We will offer a $20 rebooking fee, but Love The Empress And Company does not refund. My time is valuable, and so is yours. If an emergency prior the rebooking fee is still required. Thanks in advance!

Contact Details

United States United States Postal Service, South Tulane Avenue, Oak Ridge, TN, USA

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