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Divine Masculine

"I've waited an eternity, to go to heaven

Only one by my side.

Blood of blood,

Hawks, and eagles soaring,

Hearts ripped apart beneath a widening sky.

You'll be worth it, my beloved,

I'll be back for you,

Each night."



My Journey started at birth really, I was born with changing color eyes, and my appearance is rarely ever the same. My mom used to tell me I was a bee, a mermaid, and an angel. My Dad would tell me I was switched at birth by an alien. I do believe it has something to do with my wild nature, and freedom complex. 

I started really being able to talk to and feel angels, also other people's energies around me, around or about 8-10, its hard to remember as I get older. I've always tried to help anyone in need. I've been outspoken about social issues, and I tend to sit with those that are in their darkness. 

I met my Divine Counterpart in 1995 in a grocery store. We were thrown in each other's paths all of our lives. Illusions and time have no merit on a divine connection. In the late 90's my family moved to the same town that my counterpart lived in. I was also born off the road he lived off of as a baby. If you truly know your counterpart the similarities and synchronicities are too much to deny. We attended high school together, and I was too shy to talk to my divine feminine. At a point in the 2000s we did date, and it was the first shred of kindness I had received in my entire life. I have reformed myself as divine masculine and given control to our lord. Through long separations, mistakes, space, telepathic connection, and ups and downs through the years, we have questioned our sanity. Never the less, I feel our story is here now to help you. No matter the circumstances, situation, what happened. We were made by God, within our Twin Flame, we see ourselves. An image, both lovely and painful at times indeed. We must rise up to the occasion of forgiveness, and love will save us all.

I've stumbled upon this rare opportunity, that social media has given me, to bring healing tactics, and comforting readings. I appreciate anyone who has helped me along the way, and all of my viewers that have allowed me the floor to talk about eternal love!!

Check my blog for more about my day to day life. Things like food, nature, poetry, random thoughts, and pictures of me and my two kiddos. 

Much love and Light!!


Please don't forget, your story is your own. I promote growth, I am here to support you no matter what you decide to do with your life. 


  • 7 years reading tarot for others

  • Born a bonified EARTH ANGEL..

  • I'm proximal and I fill my orders within 24 to 48 hours

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