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Recent Healing

So whenever you're healing, I think people listen One or two sound baths Then just shrug it off and say it didn't work. Recently, i've been doing a regiment of clearing my throat chakra crown and third eye all over again in a more organized way. I feel like whenever I was clearing the chakras before I was doing it to make the pain subside. I saw it in a post of someone talking about it. Recently ive wanted to remember more about the many memories and abilities locked away, that have been repressed. It revealed that doing consolidation of each chakra a certain amount a week has proved more successful for me. I will update.

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I'm astounded. I feel so blessed and I get the drastic difference in 5d and 3d. Wow. You know how blessed I am to have you? Just sayin... You are a gift from God don't you forget that divine feminine.

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