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Suicide posts

I think it's one of the most manipulative things for someone to post about suicide for attention. When you send energy and love after multiple postings they respond with :they are too in love with themselves to kill themselves, its juat a post, oh that meme im juat saying im alone. I didnt mean that part"

Often times those that do this will bash you and your feelings when you express yourself about the very topic, in a real life situation. Either that or, dismissing it as if you didn't mean it.

Ignore them. Share your feelings. Someone is listening. There is some one that does care!

Suicide is one of the leading killers around the world, 50k died already in 2023 in the United States alone no other countries. Do not joke about suicide or cry wolf for attention, someone out there could have had that energy that came to you to give you extra attention , could have helped the right person and save their life, instead of sitting in your pity party lasting maybe 12 hours.

If you are struggling with actual suicidal thoughts I find that sound baths changed my vibration with it and online therapists. Also don't be scared of hotlines!!! My prayers go out to anyone with this corrosive disorder and I pray you stay strong for I too have walked in your very shoes. Let's thrive.

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